Just Finance: AAMMG, LLC – 10-Figure Fit

Just Finance: AAMMG, LLC

Proposal presented by: 10-Figure Fit d/b/a MY Enterprises, LLC

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Executive Summary

The focus of Just Finance includes complete setup and integration of:

  • Accounting Software
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Banking Integration
    • Transaction Reconciliation (up to 90-days)
  • Payroll
    • Setup of selected payroll provider
    • Setup of mandatory withholding identification
      • Local Department of Labor
      • State Department of Revenue
    • Employee and/or Contractor profiles (up to the first five)
      • Integration of IRS form W4 and State withholding forms (if applicable)
      • Integration of Benefits (if applicable)
    • Overview of Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Training/Integration Session

The proposal herein describes Just Finance provided by 10-Figure Fit Business Training and Bootcamps in association with B.O.S.S. Taxes.

Scope of Services

A comprehensive service to assist business owners in the creation of necessary accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll. Proper accounting and bookkeeping will result in accurate account of income and expenses, lower taxable liability and legal reporting, and increase approval chances with banking institutions. Payroll services ensure that all company employees and contractors remain in compliance with federal and state agencies. Completion of EIN and S-Corp Application creation.


Training for up to two management staff members will be conducted to review the use, functionality, and required upkeep of accounting recording and payroll management. Training hours will be conducted in one session, up to two (2) hours.

One (1) Master Class Training

Continuing education is important for the growth and success for entrepreneurs. Access to the "Finance Matters" consultation for retirement options for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

VIP Communications Channel

All correspondences will be conducted through the technology preference, Slack. This can be downloaded on your mobile device or accessible on your laptop. An invitation will be sent directly from the platform.

A copy of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming a B.O.S.S: Business Owner Striving for Success” written by Martina C. Young

A book that consists of many valuable lessons, strategies, and real-life situations that entrepreneurs face daily. Written by. Martina C. Young


Allow up to 10-business days for full completion of proposed services. This does not include any federal or state timelines or approval periods. Proposal expires tens from the date created.

Estimated Timeline:

15-Day Initial Phase

Accounting Software Setup
1 - 2 weeks
Payroll Setup
1 - 2 weeks
1 Day

Your Investment

The Just Finances package is a one-time fee that completes the setup for Accounting and Payroll. On-going monthly or quarterly maintenance isn't included.

Just Finances

Total: $497

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Execution of the agreement will begin upon acceptance of the agreement. The Consultant takes full responsibility for third-party work completed and remittance of payment to each work-for-hire third-party company. The Consultant is the point of contact for the Client and will ensure that any work for hire provisions are completed to meet/exceed the Client’s expectations. Any charges not covered in the Proposal, and additional to those listed above, having been required and performed upon mutual consent, will be billed by the Consultant, and due upon receipt of the finalized products in each Section. The Consultant’s services on behalf of the Client shall be at the direction of the Client and such services shall be performed in a professional manner consistent with the standards of MY Enterprises, LLC and shall be performed upon request of the Client upon reasonable notice and at reasonable hours. Fees paid to third-party and worked hours cannot be refunded. The Client agrees to provide Consultant with access to documentation, images, and a representative as are reasonably required by Consultant. The Consultant agrees that it will not make any use for its own benefit of any confidential information obtained in the course, or as a consequence, of its consulting services and will not divulge any confidential information during or after the period of consultation. The Consultant assumes no responsibility for Client participation or deliverables. The Client agrees that it will not make any use for its own benefit of any confidential information obtained during or because of its consulting services and will not divulge any confidential information during or after the period of consultation. The terms of this agreement are valid until 7-days after the proposal delivery date. This is so that the Consultant may properly schedule the project to the benefit of the Client. After that time, the terms and pricing are subject to change.


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