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Just Coaching Proposal for Tiffany Dixon

Proposal presented by: 10-Figure Fit d/b/a MY Enterprises, LLC

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Executive Summary

Tiffany Dixon is an existing entrepreneur in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. In our discovery meeting, we reviewed multiple potential lines of business to be built on a solid foundation of quality performance, expansion, and growth. The focus of the Just Coaching program includes guidance and strategy on:

  • Clarify Business Goals
  • Business formation and tax structure
  • Marketing and Social Integration
  • Business Automation
  • Accounting Essentials
  • Management by Statistics

The proposal herein describes the Just Coaching program provided by 10-Figure Fit Business Training and Bootcamps.

Scope of Services

This is a 30-day program (no long-term commitment) based on Business Development, Strategic Marketing, Automation, and Management by Statistics . Just Coaching is client-led and based on the current needs of the client and/or their business. This may include development of a new entity, results of the business analysis, company goals and proficiency, and whatever is the agreed upon focal point.

One-on-One and Personalized Coaching

This is an individual business needs-driven coaching service. Included are four (4) one-hour Personal Strategy Sessions. Clients can meet twice a month in two-hour blocks OR in one-hour blocks, four times a month.

Weekly Group Strategy Calls

One-hour weekly group strategy calls are provided in a question and answer format. It is a safe, positive and informative setting. Participants range in business types, levels, progress, and geography. It adds another area of accountability and motivation.

One (1) Master Class Training

Continuing education is important for the growth and success for entrepreneurs. Access to any MYe or VND sponsored event is complimentary for your initial attendance.

VIP Communications Channel

All correspondences will be conducted through the technology preference, Slack. This can be downloaded on your mobile device or accessible on your laptop.

A copy of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming a B.O.S.S: Business Owner Striving for Success” written by Martina C. Young

A book that consists of many valuable lessons, strategies, and real-life situations that entrepreneurs face daily.


In the first 30-days of Just Coaching, we lay the foundation for sustained business success. We help guide your business from where you are to where you want to be with a laser focus on your business goals. Whether just starting or actively running your business, the Just Coaching program is a comprehensive overview of business tactics and strategies.

Estimated Timeline:

January 2020 - February 2020

Business Formation and Planning
1 - 2 weeks
Business and Marketing Canvas
1 - 2 weeks
Business Process and Automation
1 week
1 week

Your Investment

The Just Coaching package combines multiple products and services which includes consultation in: - Business Compliance - Tax and Accounting - Documentation - Business Automation - Marketing/Social Media The package also includes a 30-minute weekly strategy session, a 1-hour weekly group strategy meeting, a private communications channel, and a copy of the book "The Entrepreneurs Guide to Becoming a B.O.S.S.".

Just Coaching

Total: $672.75

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