• Business Entity Formation

  • IRS & State Identifiers

  • Articles and/or Agreements

  • Accounting & Tax Structure

  • Website Development

  • Brand & Logo Design

  • Social Media Setup 

  • Sales Funnel Creation

  • 90-Day Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Marketing Canvas

  • Target Market Segmentation

  • SWOT Analysis 

Yes, every listed service in Get Legal, Get Visible, and Get a Plan.  All of the tools to form your business OR get your business in compliance, and positioned for profitability is included.

Setting up a business entity is properly forming the company as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Corporation (S-Corp or C-Corp), a Non-Profit Organization (501c3), and all applicable legal entities. This also includes assisting in obtaining City, County, and/or State licenses.  *Fees payable to Federal, State, County and/or City ordinances are additional and not included in the costs.

Properly having your Federal EIN and State Sales and Use Tax numbers (if applicable) are pivotal to your business’ tax filings.  Our qualified team of accountants will ensure that these identifiers are setup correctly.

Generating revenue, paying staff or contractors, and accumulating expenses can be overwhelming without having a concrete Accounting system and platform in place.  Our team will consult with you, based on your business and budget, to determine the best Accounting structure for the business.  This will overlap into ensuring that the business is ready and compliant for the upcoming tax season.  Tax preparation also includes reporting wages paid to employees and contractors. 

Every person is setup differently and may require Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, among a list of many others.  Our team will develop these necessary documents based on your business.

Visibility is how others are going to see your business.  This consists of how your brand is recognized in the public, your online presence, your audience’s interaction with you and how they will find your product and service.  Visibility prepares you for success and profitability. Our team will help you cultivate that visibility.

The web development services that will be provided in the Start! plan will give you the visibility that creates a call to action by your viewing audience.  It will include several features that are based on your particular business. Every business is different, therefore, there isn’t a cookie-cutter approach.  You will be very involved in the development of your website.  Details of what features are included are strictly based on your business.

Social Media setup will vary from each client.  Every business isn’t for every social media platform, thus the setup and strategies will be based around those factors.  Our social media experts will help you to properly setup your business’ social media account, automation, structuring out the best posts, videos, memes, and other approaches to engage your audience.  This includes overhauling existing social media accounts that you may have created.

Every business needs a recognizable brand. Our graphics team will develop a logo and color palette built around your brand that will represent your business. You are part of the process!!!  

Building a sales funnel consists of data capture, email marketing, CRM (customer relationship management) Systems and processes that helps to bring your audience closer to a sale.  Our team will help you embrace automation to increase earning potential. *Fees payable to service providers are not included in the cost of Start!.

Having a well-formed business with increased visibility means nothing if you do not have a plan. A 90-day strategic plan will help you execute correctly.  Weekly meetings with our team will provide you a road map to prepare the business for launch and revenue creation.  

The Strategic Marketing canvas will give you a clear view of the target market that you are serving, your target market segmentation, your social media platforms with a combination of your projected ad spend, along with your marketing channels.  This canvas will be your quick go-to marketing assistant. 

Target Market Segmentation is pivotal to accurately defining who you serve. Its more than determining the age, gender, ethnicity, and spending habits of your customer.  We will breakdown all four areas of the segmentation to find your target.  

SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis is the most revealing and honest approach to standing up against your competitors.  The best laid strategies only work when you know how to compete in your market. We will help develop your SWOT analysis and show you how to update it every six months.

Start! isn’t a 30-day program, it is a 90-day program; it only takes the business 90 days to be positioned to generate revenue.  Each Start! customer will receive scheduled one-on-one strategy calls, access to the group strategy calls (when available), a private communications channel for all team members (business partners are welcome), and a copy of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Becoming a B.O.S.S.: Business Owner Striving for Success”.

Tomorrow, I’m going to…next month, I’m gonna…next year, I will…just waiting until…when the check comes…looking for the market to…I only have…had a friend that…the children need…lost so much money…

We hear you! Start! anyway.

“There will never be perfect conditions; it’s always going to be ‘just one more thing’ or something that’s ‘not quite right’. Sometimes, we have to just take the bull by the horns and go for it! Don’t simply dream about owning a business; Start! it. Just. That. Simple.”

– Martina C. Young